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Meet Jazmine Jones-Otibu

Jazmine L. Jones-Otibu started from Humble beginnings, due to unbalanced relationships around her, Jazmine grew up feeling unloved as a child. By the grace of God Jazmine turned her trials to triumphs. Unknowingly, Jazmine stepped into entrepreneurship as early as thirteen. Jazmine begun braiding hair, selling candy and coffee. Jazmine’s first venture“ Women’s Empowerment Foundation “ was birthed from selling coffee. Furthermore, she went on to birth more businesses. Jazmine’s goal is to help others gain better health, wealth, and security in both their businesses and private lives. Based on her beginnings, her different life style, and entrepreneurship goals, she was often labeled. Have you ever heard “ Pressure Makes Diamonds “? This describes Jazmine. Jazmine is hard as a Rock, Ambitious, and Steadfast in whatever she puts her mind to. With her Faith being rock solid, she recreated the meaning of her nick name “ Ms.ROC “. Instead of being upset and frustrated about being labeled Jazmine A*K*A Ms.ROC, Jazmine decided to create the “ Don’t Label Me “ culture that would later not only touch thousands, but Millions of people to bring awareness to the wealthiest lifestyle that heals from the inside out. Don’t Label me is a movement that enlightens all ages on the importance of detoxing the body and benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. We believe in building the community by empowering and educating . Visit our website to see our latest movement taking place.

Disclaimer: I am not a Nutritionist or a Doctor please consult with your dietitian or physician.

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