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Meet Sabree of Eminence Spa & Retreat HTX

Sabree Cotton, owner of Eminence Spa and Retreat, was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. Sabree at a very young age knew that she had a passion for helping others. Prior to leaving Milwaukee, she enjoyed a career as a Licensed Real Estate Agent and a 911 dispatcher. That was until tragedy struck her family in 2020 and she lost her brother, grandfather, and father within a 10 month span. Their lives ended from poor mental and physical health. After the losses, she decided to step out on faith and leave her friends and family behind and relocate to Houston, TX in 2021. It was then that she found her ultimate calling to advocate for self care and healing. She became a licensed esthetician and opened up her spa, Eminence Spa and Retreat in the West Loop. She has obtained serval certifications in a short time to be able to provide not only self-care services, but also holistic wellness products to the residents of Houston. Her certifications include peristeam facilitator, cryotherapy, certified herbalist, and reiki practitioner. She is also a distributor of wellness brand Olbali. She hopes to serve and provide resources for men and woman to heal themselves on the inside and out. ❤️‍🩹

“Eminence Spa and Retreat is not just a spa, it’s an EXPERIENCE”

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