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Meet Urena Graham!

I am Urena Graham, Founder and CEO of Flame of Scent. I have over 20 years of Business Management. I am a Native Houstonian and have been happily married for 25 years. We have three children. My hobbies include gardening. Flame of Scent is inspired by my daughter who struggles with acne and eczema. Flame of Scent’s ingredients are formulated in respect to the Comedogenic Rate Scale.

Mission statement: To provide handcrafted candles through the creation of high-quality ingredients with the use of an eco-friendly practice that will continue to inspire an aromatic experience.

Vision statement: To create a world for individuals seeking to enrich their lives through self-care, mindfulness and rejuvenation.

Value statement: To conduct business to the higher standards of fairness and honesty.

Urena Graham

Founder and CEO of Flame of Scent

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