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What you should know about Natural Hair?

Natural Hair is an art! Within this art you can achieve some amazing looks!

To achieve any look with natural or textured hair, you may want to consider a few things such as; the weather, the environment, your activities during the environment, how long you want the style to last, will you workout, your sleeping posture, and your daily routine. I mean it can get really technical depending on where you are within your natural hair journey. 

You may see women who enjoy silk presses, sleek ponytails, bobs, and long hair extensions on my social media accounts all with natural hair! Some of them are new clients and some of them are existing clients with a haircare regimen. When deciding on a hairstyle you will need to make a decision based on your individual haircare needs and goals. 

Will my hair frizz up?

This depends on how often your hair is exposed to the silk press process. Just like exercising/therapy the more you do it - the better you get. If you get silk presses often (more than 6 times a year) you will find that your hair will become trained (won't frizz up as fast). If you get silk presses once a year, twice a year, three times a year, four times a year, or basically only for special occasions that means outside of your norm - it is very likely your hair will frizz quicker than someone who receives silk presses frequently. If you are getting a silk press for a special occasion - I recommend having your silk press done the day of. 

How do I care for my hair after my appointment?

After your appointment, all you'll need to do is wrap your hair. You won't need to add any oils, or apply any heat (if within 2 weeks). Everything I do for your hair will last your hair about 2 weeks or more depending on your upkeep and personal activity. Quality products will help your hairstyle last longer as well as keep your scalp area tamed. I have miniature shampoo/conditioner take home sets available for purchase at your appointment to ensure you continue to give your hair the nutrients it needs. 

What does The KB Glam do so special than any other stylist?

I execute with integrity. I use quality professional products to fit your hair needs. I don't use heat over 450 degrees. (This is a huge deal.) I don't overbook any of my clients, so when you arrive to your appointment you will be seen immediately. There is a specific technique that I use to stretch out hair. This technique ensures your ends are stretched properly to prevent having to cut as much hair off. (Failure to stretch the hair out fully will make the ends appear as though more hair needs to be cut).

What should I do before scheduling an appt?

Make a goal for your hair! If you are concerned about your curl pattern and love wearing your natural curls, I recommend silk presses on maybe once a quarter or 2-3 times a year from a professional. If you are wanting to train your hair to be versatile, then you'd want to incorporate silk presses more often such as once a month or bi-weekly.

For example if your hair is; dry, broken off, and hard for you to manage - I would suggest you to get started with Bootcamp! Bootcamp is a series of hair appointments to strengthen your hair health as well as create a regimen that works for you. Once you finish bootcamp, you will notice your hair is easier to manage and it will be more tamed than ever before. Once tamed, we will begin to discuss new styles that will compliment you. 

Bootcamp is to get your hair in the best shape! My overall goal is to create healthy routines for women that will allow for more effective manageability as well as allow women's hair to be adaptable in trying new styles. Book your first silk press here --> Schedule an appointment now!



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