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What you should know about Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions can seem like they bring out the best beauty in you! I'd love to inform you, that it's not the hair - it's your confidence!

As women, we can wear any hairstyle as long as mentally we are okay with it! In addition to your confidence, you also want to be sure your hair is ready for extensions. My signature extension services are; Tape-Ins, Bobs, Sleek Ponytails, and Long Extensions (Sew-ins and Quickweaves!

Before you receive extensions, your hair should be cleaned thoroughly. Doing this, allows for you to treat scalp conditions as well as give your hair vitamins that it needs to thrive during your extensions. You should also know that excess pulling consecutively can cause temporary or permanent hair loss. I always recommend hair strengthening packages in between or before Hair Extension services to combat potential breakage. You will also need to be mindful of the stylists' tension used during braiding and sewing.

What about Quickweaves? My method is totally healthy and protects your hair in three ways. Glue is fine as long as your hair is protected, and you are not forcing the tracks out of your hair by tugging on them when it's time to take them out. Quickweaves can last up to 6 weeks. Keep in mind, if you sweat/workout or wet your hair - this will deactivate the solution used to protect your hair and your tracks will immediately begin to be loose.

What about Sew-ins? Sew-ins are a very common form of weaves! These should last up to 8 weeks. Your hair will be braided without unnecessary tension, scalp oiled, woven net applied, and your hair extensions will be sewn in. 

What about Tape-ins? Tape-ins are the most requested Hair Extension Service! With Tape-ins, you will need to maintain your hair daily. It requires mandatory frequent visits to the Hair Salon. We only use the Highest Quality Hair with Tape Installs to ensure it reacts well being intertwined so closely with your real hair! Want to know more about this service? Click Here!

What Hair Extensions should I purchase? Choosing the right hair for your hairstyle is also highly important! Investing in quality hair (according to the style) protects your money, hairstyle, and the convenience of the manageability. It allows for your hair to last years, as well as switch up the style by adding hair color. We only sell high-quality hair extensions that lasts! The hair can be colored over and over, and reinstalled over and over! Check out our hair extensions here!

So you see, it is very important that you choose a stylist who cares about the integrity of your hair while also installing extensions. My clients sometimes come back every 6 weeks for weaves, and their edges are not compromised!

I'd love to give you your next trendy style! Schedule your appointment here!

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