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What you should know about Relaxed Hair?

Relaxed hair can be a woman's best friend! It seems easy to manage and you can wear tons of different styles, but please beware it can also be easily broken. 

With any chemical application, protein bonds are broken. When this happens without much aftercare, time, and attention the hair may begin to break off depending on the health of your hair and body. Although your hair gives you less of a headache and your maintenance routine is super easy, it doesn't mean your hair is healthy or in good shape.

Also receiving a relaxer doesn't mean breakage. Before breakage occurs your hair typically goes through a sick phase, and you will begin to see signs. Don't get it twisted, you can have relaxed hair and it can be healthy as well. It's all in the hair routine.

Most people opt in for a relaxer because it works for their lifestyle, and typically it does. The key to strong and healthy hair is to also spend time giving your hair attention and quality products. 

If you are considering having a relaxer service or if you're already relaxed, having a stylist that is committed to healthy hair is pivotal! You and I will work together to not only ensure the protein bonds are cared for, but we will also try new styles that compliment you! 



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